Why we started Root Health

One out of every three Americans will die prematurely from a chronic disease condition that is mostly related to lifestyle and habit. Multiple studies have proven that lifestyle factors such as a healthy diet, exercise and sleep can control or reverse chronic disease. The National Center for Disease Control has called Chronic Disease the public health challenge of the 21st century.

We started Root Health because we want to reinvent healthcare. We believe the concept of healthcare is flawed. Today, patients perceive a lack of provider compassion, caring and understanding. They hurriedly meet their doctor and get generic advice. Clinicians themselves are frustrated by patient volume and their inability to provide support for their patients. In fact, the Association of American Medical Colleges project shortfalls of primary care physicians by 2030. What if every patient could get unlimited clinical support that is encouraging, understanding and motivating based on their individual lives?

At Root Health, we create digital tools that provide personalized care that enable lasting behavior change and improve the health of patients. Our approach is to use cutting edge technology to empower patients and care teams. We use behavior science to help people change their habits, improve their health and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Clinicians save lives – we give them super powers. We use clinically supported and evidence-based programs to create programs that are interactive and integrate seamlessly into patient lives. We empower patients to make the right decisions at the key moments and decision points. The Root Health App analyzes patient-specific contextual information such as location, activity, and sleep habits and serves as an intelligent health assistant to recommend dietary items, exercise, and sleep for patient specific chronic conditions.

Take for example “Greg”. Greg was pre-diabetic when we first met him. He was unsure about what he should eat, how to control his hunger, and whether or not he was getting enough exercise. Greg’s eating habits tended to change depending on his mood. There were days when he got upset and emotionally ate all day. Our Root Health team provided him constructive high value interventions when he needed to make a decision – like at the grocery store or when he went out to dinner with friends. For example, during his morning Starbucks routine, Root App provided advice for Greg so he could avoid sugary high calorie drinks. Throughout each day, Root App monitored Greg’s emotion, diet, and energy levels and adjusted its advice accordingly. If Greg needed an afternoon pick-me-up, Root provided him high value advice on what to eat for sustained energy until dinner time.

We believe that everyone should have affordable access to healthcare. We’re here at Root to reimagine healthcare and change lives.