The Rise of Mobile Health Coaching

Mobile Health Coaching could be an opportunity for your company.


In today's world, where we do not have control over everything that happens around us, many consumers are striving to feel some certainty in their lives by taking control of their health. At the start of 2017, a study revealed that the average stress level among Americans rose to an all-time high of 5.1 on a scale from 1 to 10. Consumers are facing increased anxiety, disrupted sleep, and fatigue, and are seeking solutions to improve their health and well-being.

Other consumers have different motivations to change their health-related behaviors. The CDC reveals that about half of all adults are living with one or more chronic health conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. For many people, there are barriers to access necessary health interventions at the right time and place-- including difficulty attending in-person health coaching sessions due to lack of transportation, free time, childcare, and other factors. Fortunately, the use of telecommunication technologies in healthcare is breaking down these barriers. Sixty percent of Americans want health coaching, and mobile health coaching may be the perfect solution for those who are seeking a more convenient and personal healthcare coaching option.

As of 2015, over 83% of large companies offer disease management programs for their employees. Of these companies, 71% offer counseling over the phone or online, while only 36% offer in-person coaching.

Mobile health coaching is a method for Registered Dietitians to implement the Nutrition Care Process (nutrition assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and monitoring and evaluation) through the use of telecommunications technologies. It is an interactive process that takes place between RDs and patients via mobile devices. Mobile health coaching allows dietitians to consult with patients in real time through mobile phone apps, web-based video conferencing services, email, and other electronic communication methods. This is especially beneficial for patients who live in remote areas or those who do not have the means of transport to visit a dietitian’s office. Other patients either may not have the time to go to a dietitian, or they may go to a doctor’s office that does not have a Registered Dietitian on staff.         

Mobile health coaching benefits dietitians as well. Since the method is technology-based, mobile coaching allows your nutritionist staff the flexibility to provide real-time coaching from the office or at home. Nutritionists are also able to consult with patients who require immediate attention. Mobile health coaching also allows RNs to develop a more personal relationship with their patients by communicating privately over a messaging or video conferencing application. RNs and patients can communicate more frequently through mobile coaching than through traditional means, which allows nutritionists to better understand and help their patients.

The demand for mobile health coaching is on the rise for all types of healthcare consumers. At Root Health, we understand the need for this type of health coaching, which is why we offer a solution. Could digital health coaching be an asset to your practice?